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On the emotionality of time

Always Changing,
Always Growing

Livia Falcaru - Always Changing - Always Growing
I tried to show the different states I went through in these uncertain times and in which we maybe all did actually. I tried to depict this repetitive motion I felt in my life and the entire cycle I went through to realise certain things about myself and what was happening around me. These times helped me gain a new perspective about myself and, although it wasn't pleasant in the beginning, it helped me grow so much as a person. The illustration is exactly about my process of taking the worst in my life and transforming it into a lesson and an opportunity for growth.

– Livia Falcaru
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Livia Falcaru is a Romanian illustrator and artist based in Bucharest. She has spent the pandemic creating lyrical works like her Healing Journeys, capturing inner moments and emotional landscapes. She has been thinking about art, lockdown, and the emotions we might all feel but never care to mention.
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Livia Falcaru

With Livia, we curated a selection of previous works that resonated with this time. Her illustrations touching on emotions, and on how we spend our time, felt like a gentle liferope for when what is hard feels hard to describe.

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